Thursday, June 8, 2017

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Arthritis Pain

By Thomas Baker

According to CDC or Center for Disease Control, about 50 million residents of US experience one form of arthritic pain or another. The implication is that millions of Americans cannot move freely or even perform other daily chores. While arthritis lasts through your lifetime, there are excellent remedies available at home that provide relief to the discomfort and restore your normal life.

Excess weight means that your joints will have to take a lot of pressure to support the body. This becomes a torturous source of pain. The tissues that are usually partially damaged become more sensitive. Even a little weight will lead to unbearable pain. Deal with excess weight by improving your diet and exercising. This will keep your joints well oiled and maintain a healthy fat-muscle ratio.

With the right diet, arthritic pain will prove bearable. In fact, increasing foods that fight inflammation makes it easier for your body to deal with the pain. The top foods that reduce inflammation are anti-oxidants, high in fiber foods and sulfur rich foods. Some of these foods include onions, cabbages, garlic and vegetables. Salmon fish is also recommended alongside bone broth. An increase in fruit intake is also recommended with such fruits as papaya, melons and berries taking the lead. Consider high fiber foods like flaxseed, legumes, chia seeds and walnuts.

The pain of arthritic joints makes movement difficult for the affected. However, the pain is usually at the beginning of movement. Exercises strengthen muscles and make them more resilient and thus able to withstand pain. Other benefits associated to exercises and beneficial arthritic patients include increasing movement range, promoting cardio health, improving immunity and reducing your weight. Guidance from a professional is important to ensure that exercises are safe.

There is scientific evidence of patients of osteo-arthritic conditions finding relief in chiropractics. Whether you get relief or not depends on severity of your condition and the professionalism of the therapist. In fact, chiropractic has been used on multiple pain-related conditions. Consult an arthritic pain condition specialist in Russellville, AR to ensure effective management of the condition.

Proper functioning of joints requires adequate oiling, after all, these are moving parts. According to scientific research, regular olive oil intake has been proven to make joints supple. The level of purity of the oil used determines the extent of relief it provides. Other steps you can take on the oil include using olive oil in place of butter in your cooking. Olive oil is also used during massage to treat sore areas.

Meditation is one of the options especially when it is combined with relaxation. Meditating is therapeutic and helps to reduce stress. It also enables you to cope better with the pain and stress. With reduction in stress, other riding conditions like inflammation, swelling and pain will also drop. Alongside meditation, consider regular massage on the most painful areas. This will improve your range of motion and make your limbs less stiff.

Nature has provided excellent herbs and plant extracts that can be used to deal with pain. Their benefits have been scientifically documented. Some of these effective herbs and extracts included peppermint, white willow tea, gin, pectin, grape juice and bosweilla. These herbs and plant extracts should not substitute prescribed medicine and their use should be with guidance from the doctor.

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