Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Permanent Solution For Hair Removal Tri Cities WA

By Christopher Martin

The removal of unwanted hair involves a lot of strategies but few yield desired results. Most methods are only temporary and force an individual to undergo it repeatedly. Such temporary procedures include waxing and plucking can easily be done in the house. The advancement of technology has fortunately led to the application of laser, which is a more permanent treatment. This strategy for hair removal Tri cities WA is the most effective method for dealing with the unwanted mane.

The method has not been in use for a very long period of time hence is still being developed to be used for different skin types. It requires a significant amount of money and is thus considered costly compared to other methods. A complete procedure often involves a few sessions before the end result can truly be felt. It is the most effective procedure in terms of giving a permanent solution.

The treatment itself is simple and to a large extend does not involve pain. However, the comfort level varies among patients depending on the skin type and color of the strands.It is important to note that the treatment involves a series of sessions as opposed to one time procedure as commonly believed. It can effectively be used on the face, underarms and other parts of the body. The sessions are done in a span of almost a year with a period of about six months in between two sessions.

Laser treatment is known to produce better results for pigmented mane such as black strands. The new technology has however made it possible for individuals of lighter colors to enjoy the service. Before fully settling for this treatment, the doctor is likely to test its effectiveness on a small body part.

The procedure involves use of a highly concentrated laser light to uproot the follicles. The laser light damages the pigments in the follicle with heat without harming the surrounding area. The light is absorbed in the melanin of the follicle hence destroying growth.

The cosmetic procedure is very effective in treating legs, bikini lines and cheeks. It can basically be used on the entire body only that it will require more money. All laser systems can temporarily remove hair of most colors except the types that are not pigmented such as white and blonde. The treatment is not very effective for such types as is for darker colors but even so, there is likely to be a significant change when the laser treatment is used. The solution is however not permanent and requires more sessions. Other options for removal on blonde include hybrid systems which blends laser technology with radio waves.

With the advanced modern technology, blonde, red and grey hair can also be removed using a slightly tailor made procedure in an appropriate medical clinic.

After the decision to undergo this procedure, it is necessary that you do your research well to settle on a medical facility that will offer you the best service. The procedure is often costly on the start but considering that you will save on much more resources and time in the future, the cost could as well be cheap in the long run.

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