Sunday, August 26, 2018

5 Healthy Water Additives For Weight Loss

By Laura Lopez

There are numerous options fronted to persons intending to shed body fat or get into shape. The most common is the use of water additives for weight loss. This option is affordable, makes the drink palatable and ensures that the body still gets essential nutrients to support daily activities. With numerous options given, which is the best additive and how can you prepare the drink?

Lemon is the most common additive for anyone targeting to drop a few pounds. It is readily available and does not require a lot of elaborate preparation. The juice is easy to extract by squeezing it into a glass. The citric feel makes lemon very palatable. It can be taken either hot or cold and still produce incredible results. It offers an incredible share of vitamins and antioxidants to the body.

Pineapples have a distinct color and taste that is both sweet and sour. The pineapple is succulent which allows you to extract huge amounts of juice for use. It is also very colorful when served in a glass, adding to its flavor. It is prepared by soaking the slices in either hot or cold water. Pineapple also provides incredible nutrients for the body and is very tasty.

Berries are a favorite for many people because of their taste and color. They have been used for centuries because of their tasty feel. They come in citric and sweet varieties, enough to suit your taste. With a sieve or juicer, you are ready to prepare your drink. It is quick with the best serving being fresh and cold. It helps to preserve the natural taste by avoiding fermentation.

Mint adds a unique feel to any drink. It also gives your glass a rejuvenating feel floating on top. A few leaves are torn and spread on the surface. It takes a few minutes to release the minty feel. Mint is also aromatic when spread over hot water. The smell is aromatic and leaves a pleasant taste on your tongue. There is no risk of teeth coloration.

Cucumber is used for its range of nutrients and the distinct taste. It also offers freedom during preparation with options to use the slices raw, boiled or blended. Soaking the slices for a few minutes enables them to release the juice. Boiling or blending will also give incredible results with the juice best taken warm.

There are different ways of achieving weight loss goals using water. Drinking a lot of it throughout the day keeps you feeling full which reduces the temptation to consume a lot of food. Taking a glass before meals reduces the amount of food you take. It is also a worthy replacement for your sweetened drinks which are laden with calories.

There are artificial additives that can make your water more palatable without adding calories. They include sugar free mixes like tea and sparkle. Artificial sweeteners are used to add a feel of pep without adding calories. Your favorite tea or coffee may also be added and taken without sugar. There is a range of herbs that add flavor and other health benefits to your glass and still help you lose weight.

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