Friday, July 14, 2017

Read To Discover The Fascinating Facts Of Alexandrite Laser

By Donald Sanders

A person who wishes to undergo a hair removal procedure has a multitude of aspects to ponder upon before choosing which one. Since this is a life changing treatment, a person has to be aware of the many factors that go along with it and study the available options they have. To do so, one must conduct some research and formulate inquiries that will help them make a decision.

Due to technological advancements, there are many kinds of treatments available in the market today. One of these is called alexandrite laser, and this is a very powerful equipment used in salons and clinics by licensed practitioners. Since there are no home devices of this sort that has been approved by the FDA, one must go to a clinic to have the procedure done.

By using radiation, light amplification is achieved so light can flow through. This light is then directed at an alexandrite crystal so that a 750 nm laser is produced in the color red. While that is the standard size, the length will depend upon how much is needed in order for it to effectively go through the pores of the skin.

Alexandrite has a high level of efficiency because it utilized short and measured pulses instead of continuous laser emission. Not only that, it also has the capacity to reduce visible scars and birthmarks. Other people use the service in order to treat various age spots and also spider veins. This is also used for tattoo removal and clear skin can be achieved after a particular number of sessions.

Despite being the best in the market and applicable to different variations of skin and hair, it still has limitations. Despite being recommended to all types of hair, it still works best with thin and light colored ones. It is also better on lighter complexion because it makes it easier for the beam to penetrate the surface and take effect.

The practitioner will usually diagnose a client first and assess the situation in order to set realistic expectations and how many sessions the client will need. Understandably, thicker follicles will require more treatments and is expected to commit to at least 8 until 12 in order to achieve desired results. Thinner follicles are lucky because they will typically need only 6 until 8 procedures done.

Be aware though that it also has some undesirable side effects when not properly done. For instance, men and women with a fair complexion are prone to dark spots due to the excess of melanin production. This happens when the treatment is overdone and not treated properly. There is also a possibility of darker complexions obtaining hypo pigmentation, where spots of skin lighten considerably.

One should also be aware that the procedure will be somewhat painful, but not something that is too unbearable. Make sure that the practitioner will not neglect applying a cooling gel on the surface in order to prevent swelling, and to minimize the pain felt. Some patients will experience some initial itching and swelling, however that is expected to go away in a few days.

When selecting any sort of procedure, always make sure it has been approved and certified by the FDA. Ask to see any documentation or proof to assure safety and hygiene. Luckily, alexandrite is already an established and approved method since 1977. It is also highly important for the practitioners to have FDA clearance in order to operate the equipment and use the product on clients.

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