Friday, July 14, 2017

Things You Should Do Before A Laser Hair Removal

By Shirley Walker

At the peak of summer, you may have made a lot of plans for beach bumming. That is why you take all possible measures to make yourself look at your best and that includes, taking all those hairs that might not be a good sight in summer. Though there is no such thing as a total free skin, there is a way for you to at least spend more days to enjoy your bikinis in summer.

While it may seem like an easy problem since you can just shave or wax it off. Some hair cannot just easily be zapped by waxing or shaving. In addition, these methods might leave discomforting little hairs or even cause scratches that is why people look for other options to aid in taking off these concerns. Laser Hair Removal Richmond Hill has then become one of the best alternative method one can consider.

Known as one of the most common cosmetic procedure in United States, Laser Hair Removal is a method which uses concentrated beam of light that goes directly to your hair follicles. Through this, future growth can be inhibited and thus, it would be deemed as an effective alternative especially for those who have light skin. While this procedure still does not guarantee permanency, you can expect at least extended freedom from this discomforting parts of your body.

Too much exposure in the heat of the sun should be avoided. This is to ensure that you get better results after the treatment. Unless you wish to have damages, then you must see to it that you stay inside your home for some time before your appointment. Others say that it would be best if you will set your schedule during winter so you could enjoy a free skin summer.

Shaving the target area is a must. Unlike waxing where you need to grow your strands before a certain appointment, you must ensure that you have exposed only your roots for this process. This way it is easier for the laser light to heed directly to your follicles and thus killing the follicles of those hairs. If you insist to go to the clinic without shaving, your physician might have to hand you a razor then.

Some skin care products should be avoided before your scheduled session. This is because some ingredients of these products can lead to a sensitive skin and thus, leading to damages after the procedure. Some prescribed creams should also be avoided as these products might also lead to discoloration.

Have a test patch. During your first appointment, your physician will usually do a test patch to determine if your skin can handle the process well. Although it is a sad fact, some are highly sensitive. As a result, you could have pigment problems or scarring.

There are also times when you have to avoid certain medications. This is applicable especially if your prescribed medications could make your skin highly sensitive to light. As they say, prevention is better than cure. That is why you must always ask your doctor if the medicines you are taking as of the moment can lead to negative reactions beforehand.

There are three definite reasons why people go for this type of removal. One is its precision, this means what should be targeted is the sole target. Second is its speed, it only takes a fraction of a second to treat multiple strands at the same time. And lastly is its predictability, although it does not work like magic, some patients end up with permanency after three to seven sessions.

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