Thursday, December 10, 2015

Get Your Skin Prepped Up For The Application Of The Best Sunless Tanner With These Tips

By Haywood Hunter

Having an indoor tanning solution highly recommended by a family member or friend who is no longer into sunbathing isn't enough. It's also important to have your skin readied for the product's application. Read on to get acquainted with a few essential steps you need to take just before applying the best sunless tanner you have purchased.

No matter if you have the lotion, cream, gel or spray kind of at-home tanning product, an even application is necessary. This helps prevent the formation of ugly streaks and blotches that will surely reveal to the world that your sun-kissed glow is not the real thing. That is why carefully reading the application instructions provided by the manufacturer is definitely a must beforehand.

You also have to ensure that your skin is free of dirt, excess oils and unwanted hair before springing into action to sport your dream complexion. The presence of any one of these can make the outcome less impressive. With these unnecessary things around, the active ingredient of the indoor tanning solution may not be fully absorbed by the skin.

Shaving has to be done about 24 hours just before you get a tan indoors. It will be easier to avoid a splotchy color if you remove unwanted body hair on the arms, legs and elsewhere. Doing the hair removal process a day ahead allows the skin to completely heal from it. If you apply the tanning solution right after shaving, you may feel some burning or stinging sensation.

If your preferred hair removal method is waxing, make sure that it is done a couple of days before you start applying your chosen indoor tanner. This gives the skin on your face or body plenty of time to bounce back from the stress of waxing. Also, providing sufficient time between waxing and at-home tanning helps ensure that the remaining waxy substance on the skin is completely removed.

Before you start rubbing or spraying the product, remember to hit the shower first. This is important because it will remove excess oils and dirt that can prevent the tanner from being absorbed to carry out its task. Besides, taking a shower about 4-6 hours after your indoor tanning session is not allowed in order to give the ingredients enough time to work.

Another thing that has to be done prior to getting a tan minus the sun is skin exfoliation. This procedure removes excessive amounts of dead skin cells. Having too much of them around may leave you with an uneven color afterwards. When exfoliating in the shower, use a rough piece of cloth, sponge or loofah. It's also a good idea to rely on an exfoliating preparation intended for at-home tanning fanatics. Stay away from any exfoliating product with oily ingredients. This will leave a greasy film on your skin, preventing the tanner from being absorbed completely.

All of these are very simple tips on prepping up your skin for some indoor tanning. Carry out these steps and you can rest assured that the outcome will be very natural and impressive. See to it that you carefully follow the application steps provided by the tanner's manufacturer for best results.

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