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The Risks And Benefits Of Cataract Surgery San Antonio

By Mattie Knight

The eye of a human being has a lens that provides light to the retina. This lens is similar to the one found in cameras. As one grows of age the lens too becomes cloudy. This prevents direct focus of the light to the retina. The clouding is known as cataract. All over the world, cataracts are the leading causes of eye surgery. To understand the treatment process, one requires looking at Cataract surgery San Antonio.

Old age is the main cause of this condition. However, at times it may result from, medical treatments like treatment of diabetes and treatments that involve use of steroids. When this condition is beyond treatment by use of glass lens, then eye surgery is unavoidable.

To diagnose this condition, a complete and thorough check of the eye is required. All the inner features of an eye are carefully analyzed. The factors that could be leading to the condition are then singled out. The treatment is then recommended according to the intensity of the condition. At the earlier stages, glass lens can be used.

When the condition is at its advanced stage, treatment by glass lens has no tangible results. When the program of the patient is interrupted because he or she can no longer see clearly, surgery is the only left option. Fortunately, all over San Antonio qualified surgeons are available. This makes the surgical operation easier with less than 15 minutes used to complete the process. Normally, the process has very little complications.

During the surgical operation, the natural lens is removed from the eye. A synthetic lens is then placed in the same spot that the lens was. With the new lens one is able to increase vision for both near and far objects. However, the synthetic lens used cannot be able to change focus like the natural lens. After treatment one is required to use eye drops to prevent infections to an eye. Most people who are put under this process have resumed to their normal activities in a very short time.

In the many cases that have been reported in city San Antonio TX, 95 percent of them have ended uncomplicated. However, even the highest caution taken by the surgeon, small incidences of complications may occur. These may include choroid hemorrhage among other challenges. The surgeon should therefore make the client aware of the possible complications should the process flop. This will help them in making an informed decision about giving consent for the operation or not.

It is advised that the patient haves a good time with the surgeon before the start of the operation. Let the doctor explain the various complications and whether or not he is capable of handling them. The doctor should provide the pan of treatment that he intends to use should the operation become complicated. In case you need to reach to the ophthalmologist, their contacts are all over the internet. All you need to do is to log on and search for the one who is near you.

If this condition is allowed to go for a long time untreated, the condition may become worse resulting to blindness or a complete loss of vision. This is the reason one is advised to have regular visits to opticians. This helps in earlier detection and treatment of the condition.

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