Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Guidelines To The Best Varicose Vein Treatments Somerville People Ought To Know

By Evelyn Walls

Varicose veins is a common condition that affects both young and old individuals. Although, this condition does not require treatment, it is advisable to seek medical advice if you experience pain and discomfort. Treatment options help reduce pain, discomfort and complications like leg ulcers, skin discoloration and swelling. Patients are expected to familiarize themselves with different varicose veins treatment options before making any decision. Before settling for any varicose vein treatments Somerville dwellers will need to consider the following guidelines.

Self-care and compression stockings are the main treatment options offered in hospitals. Self-care involves various things like exercise, elevating legs during rest and weight loss. Individuals are expected to avoid long periods of standing and sitting. People enjoy less discomfort, complications and pain by investing time on self-care.

Compression stockings are popular treatment techniques. Experts have designed these stockings to enhance circulation of blood in your veins and muscles by squeezing the legs. Effective blood flow helps prevent formation of enlarged veins. The type or brand of compression stockings you use will determine the end results. Therefore, choose the right stockings to enjoy pleasing results.

Compression stockings can be purchased in medical supply stores or pharmacies located in Somerville NJ. There are several factors to consider when purchasing stockings. Check the size of the stockings to be sure it fits. Ask the pharmacist to measure your legs with a tape measure to get the right size. Ensure the compression stockings are strong but not tight.

People with serious artery conditions need advanced medical treatment. Professionals will advise the use of sclerotherapy if compression stockings and self-care are less effective. Doctors inject arteries using a solution that scars the blood vessel and close it. During sclerotherapy the affected vessel is injected more than once. Patients are assured of less invasion and satisfactory results.

Laser surgery is another additional treatment. A surgeon will use a laser which produces a series of light on the artery. The light will cause the vessel to fade and slowly disappear. Many people prefer laser surgery because it does not involves injections. This means little pain and speedy recovery. Individuals with large varicose veins should opt for catheter assisted procedures. A thin tube is inserted in a large vein and the tip heated. Once the doctor pulls the tube out the vein collapses. Bear in mind catheter assisted procedure is suitable for outpatient.

Vein stripping involves incisions to remove a long artery. Blood circulation in your leg will not be affected by removing the blood vessel. The process is suitable for outpatient. You may require an ambulatory phlebotomy to remove small varicose veins. Doctors remove veins through series of tiny skin punctures.

Varicose veins cause leg ulcers if the condition is serious. In this case a doctor will choose endoscopic vein surgery. Surgeons insert a small camera into the leg. The camera is used to visualize the vein and close it. The surgeon will remove the vein through tiny incisions. With these information it is easy to choose the right varicose veins treatments. Take time to discuss with your doctor on the advantages and health side effects of each process beforehand.

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