Thursday, March 16, 2017

Best Hair Products For Frizzy Manes

By Amy Hayes

Having soft, silky tresses that a person can run their fingers through is a goal for many but it may seem impossible. A healthy mane is something that can be achieved at home, even if tresses are slightly damaged. Although going to the salon may result in the best cuts and color, anyone can have a healthy head of locks with regular maintenance. Just invest a little time in selecting and buying the best hair products for frizzy hair.

Straight, soft tresses can be achieved when the real problem is addressed. Most textures tend to frizz up when the hair shafts lacks moisture. This is the key to a healthy mane that will grow and become compatible with many of the hip hairstyles out there today.

Most people believe that the natural look is growing in popularity for its low maintenance. However, depending on texture, it still requires a good amount of hydrating, even if zero heat is used in styling. Hair should be conditioned after every wash and trimmed at least every other month to remove dead ends.

Those with straight or slightly wavy tresses sometimes find themselves in a bind because conditioners that promise to give body after shampooing sometimes fail. This often leads to over conditioning the hair, which can make it limp, oily, and more attractive to dirt. Over time, it takes longer to rid the mane of dirt and oil because heavy conditioners eventually weigh the strands down.

Products with a heavy or cream consistency should only be used often when chemicals or heat styling are involved. Because overexposure to heat can dry out strands and cause breakage, maintaining elasticity is key. Straight and slightly wavy tresses benefit from serums that contain a heat protectant. These are made to seal in moisture.

Textures that are coarse or have a deep wave pattern may need to use caution when it comes to frizz. Some styling products tend to dry out the shaft so it helps to see those with moisturizers such as aloe, coconut oil, and rich butters like argan. Although a mane of this type may have natural volume and is easy to style, heat tools should be limited, along with sun exposure.

Those with coarse or coily textures have the advantage of body and style versatility but are normally the most prone to extreme dryness in the shaft. This specific type benefits from a heated conditioner that is rich in butter, like shea or cholesterol. Hot oil treatments work just as well, followed by a leave in conditioner with a creamy consistency.

Maintenance can be tricky for many mane textures, as some have more than one type growing from their scalp. It may take a moment to find a product and method that is practical but keeping hair frizz free is the objective here. Keeping in mind that some products can be inexpensive, it may be easier than visiting a salon regularly.

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