Thursday, March 16, 2017

Information About Total Laser Resurfacing Cincinnati

By Ruth Ward

Before you get to consider the procedure of laser resurfacing, you need to know details of the way the procedure gets done and other useful details. When you know what is involved, it becomes easier to decide whether to consider it or not. Lasers used will depend on exact type of procedure chosen. This procedure works best for people with the intention of eliminating scars or other imperfections. In consideration of total laser resurfacing Cincinnati residents will benefit from some useful details.

The procedure is less invasive as compared to other procedures meant for the same purpose. This is because it only uses laser light for its functioning. There are no harsh chemicals in use. The technique involves directing pulsating beams of light directly at irregular skin that needs to be resurfaced or removed. The skin will be removed in a precise manner, layer by layer. There is minimal pain and irritation of the skin.

It is important to know the best candidates for the procedure. The first group of people are the ones who look to use it for anti-aging purposes. The second group are those who want to eliminate scars and other blemishes which might have resulted from accidents or acne. People who do it to protect against aging use it hand in hand with such procedures as face and neck lifts for the best results. The results are normally impressive.

The types of scars that are removed range from the shallow ones to very dark ones which are formed after healing of acne. When lasers are used for treating after effects of acne, it completely restores skin tone after healing of acne. There are deep ice pick type acne scars that are however not easily cured through laser resurfacing.

The deep scars go beyond the first few layers of skin which are what are targeted by lasers. The layers extend into subcutaneous layer. Laser resurfacing is never done beyond the first skin layers because of the complications that might result.

There are two main types of laser light methods which can be used. There is the use of carbon dioxide and use of erbium. Both will vaporize damaged cells of the skin while minimizing any risks to patients by reducing amount of heat which is absorbed by skin during treatment. Carbon dioxide has been used for many years for treatment of conditions such as acne, wrinkles and skin cancer.

Use of carbon dioxide is not the best option for people with stretch marks or those with dark skins. The reason for this is that dark residual effects tend to leave behind light patches. This technique uses timed pulses or continuous light which remove skin with minimal side effects. After treatment, recovery takes two weeks.

Erbium will be used in cases where those involved have deep lines and wrinkles on their hands, chest and face. Surrounding tissues are left intact as targeted layers are eliminated. This technique is suitable for patients with dark skins. Recovery takes less than a week.

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