Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Starting Up A Mobile Massage Therapy Kelowna BC, Business

By Marci Nielsen

Mobile services are increasingly becoming popular. Clients are now receiving services from the comfort of their homes, areas of recreation and hotels. For the case of mobile massage therapy Kelowna BC, it provides its clients services by reaching out to them anywhere. This service may be required by the groom and bride before the wedding day or offices that need massage. There are cases where these therapists get clients in the casino, holiday boat or bars.

What has always been the norm is renting an office space for this service to be offered. Having a mobile office is rather unique when it comes to providing massages. It is also risky, since you have no knowledge of the safety of the place you may be going. It is wise to know if you really want to be a mobile service provider or if you prefer to get a place that you can rent.

Since the business is mobile, it is vital to take safety precautions, since the work involves going to the home of a stranger. You cannot quite screen your potential client and tell if they pose any harm or not. It could be wise to get an assistant, who will know where you are at any given time and give you information regarding your appointments. When going to hotels you can inform the security that you are present.

A lot of time will be allocated on traveling, because of its nature of being mobile. There is also the element of traffic, which takes a lot of time. This brings the need to allocate sometime between the sessions to prevent any delays. Since a lot of time is wasted, the charges are hiked to be able to compensate on the lost time.

A business plan is essential for this venture. The business plan required is no different from that which is needed by another business. An extensive market research is vital to know if the services will be viable within the locality. It is crucial to know the level of demand especially the areas that have retired and wealthy people.

There is need to identify the type of equipment that are required and if your car has the capacity for accommodating your equipment. You will require a massage table, pillows, sheets, lotions, a clock and a nice music player. Always remember to purchase the required materials in bulk, so that if they get finished you will not need to stress on it.

A good market plan is essential for the business to be viable. You require asking relevant questions on how clients can access you. Therefore, you can get a website that can be easily accessed. If the area you intend to operate in consists of tourists, the demand for therapy is high.

Having a good network of referrals will really be of importance to you in getting and keeping clients. You can come up with a good idea that will help you widen the scope of network, by your clients reaching out to their friends and neighbors. Obtaining business cards could offer a mileage for you. Using social media services to keep your clients aware of any changes and availability is good.

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