Thursday, November 26, 2015

Benefits Of Dental Implants Norfolk VA

By Marci Nielsen

Our teeth are always on display. Next to our eyes, they are probably the first thing people notice about us. Good-looking teeth - as opposed to black, broken, and missing ones - are a mark of both health and beauty. Dental implants Norfolk VA way can help people regain what might have been lost over the years.

Permanent teeth, designed to last a lifetime, are often lost or damaged. This happens frequently in sports. Football players, horseback riders, and other athletes often have their front teeth knocked out - and they can't always be replaced. In addition, teeth decay. Our modern diet of refined and sweetened foods makes this more likely than ever, and busy people often neglect the prescribed oral hygiene chores that help prevent decay and gum problems.

Going around with a gap in your smile is no fun. This used to be standard for people in frontier days. Later, when dentures became more popular, a gap-toothed grin was perceived as a mark of poverty. The stereotypes included toothless grandmas rocking by the hearth, informers lurking in alleys, and Appalachian mothers with flocks of children.

False teeth helped many retain the look if not the feel of the real thing. Although dentures could slip, making eating and talking difficult, and took some of the pleasure out of every morsel of food, at least people could smile when introduced to others. Trying to get well-fitting and natural-looking dentures could become a long quest.

Bridges are partial dentures, designed to replace one tooth or a few missing ones. They hook onto real teeth, which is not good for the ones used as support. However, they can make things easier for those who have lost their two front teeth or a molar or two. These partial replacements are less uncomfortable than full dentures but are often a temporary solution.

Implanting a tooth is a permanent solution. No matter why the original tooth was lost, an oral surgeon can place a titanium post in the socket and build a lifelike tooth on it. The bone of the jaw fuses to the post, making it as secure as the original root. The crown which covers the post is fashioned to match your remaining teeth, giving a completely realistic appearance to your smile.

Implants take a lot of the discomfort and fuss out of false teeth. They are designed by experts to look like your own, being carefully matched in color and shape to what you still have. Implants make it possible for you to regain a natural-looking smile, talk without difficulty, and chew all the different foods you enjoy.

Think of it. Once again you can eat and speak in a carefree manner, enjoying all sorts of good food and presenting a well-groomed face to the world. Norfolk VA has many professional dentists who work with oral surgeons to restore your mouth and smile to perfection. Schedule a consultation (easy to find a free one) to see if you are a candidate for this kind of advanced dental care. Check online for a listing of clinics in your local area.

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