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For A Good Ophthalmologist San Antonio Is The Way To Go

By Mattie Knight

The study of anatomy, physiology, and all conditions that affect the eyes is done under the branch of medicine known as ophthalmology. Practitioners are called ophthalmologists. Since ophthalmologists treat eyes using both surgical and medical methods, they qualify as specialists of both medicine as well as surgery. When one needs well experienced yet cheap to afford ophthalmologist San Antonio offers the best options. San Antonio is home to some of the most well-known ophthalmologists in the United States.

The term ophthalmology originated from the Greek language. It means the science of the eye when translated in the literal sense into the English language. The discipline deals with both animal and human eyes. Similarity in disease processes in both human and animal eyes is the reason for a lack of distinction in the discipline.

Ophthalmologists refer to medical specialists who specialize in eyes. They may hold either a medical degree, MD or an osteopathic degree DO. Their specialty involves the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of all diseases which affect eyes and visual systems. The first step in education starts with completing an undergraduate degree first. The undergraduate degree may be related to medicine or not.

College education is followed by another four years in medical school and a year of internship in pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery, or general medicine. Hospital-based residency lasts three to four years. Ophthalmologists are not similar to optometrists and opticians because they are more specialized and handle more responsibilities. The kind of training they undergo is also very different from that of optometrists and opticians.

The work of ophthalmologists involves dealing with people of all ages ranging from infants to the elderly people. Responsibilities include diagnosing and treating all kinds of diseases and conditions that affect the eye. They perform all kinds of surgery on the eye without restrictions. They also correct vision problems by prescribing and fitting eye glasses and lenses for their patients.

Legal documents that pertain to certifying that one is totally or partially blind are also handled by ophthalmologists. Their job requires them to collaborate with other practitioners within and outside the medicine profession. When dealing with clients, they have to communicate to family members about the situation. Eye surgeries usually happen during the day, which implies that these professionals never do night shifts.

Ophthalmologists also take part in research to find cures and causes of various eye conditions and disorders. There are specialists in this field who are trained in ophthalmology as well as general medicine. They are small in number and mostly they handle general patients. Generally, ophthalmologists work in outpatient clinics, operating theatres, laser eye surgery clinics, hospital eye casualty departments, and outpatient clinics among others.

Like other fields in medicine, ophthalmology also has several sub-specialties. The sub-specialties either handle certain diseases or diseases that affects certain regions of the eye. Some of the main sub-specialties include ocular oncology, oculplastics, neuro-ophthalmology, immunology, medical retina, glaucoma, cataracts, anterior segment surgery, and eveitis.

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