Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Some Important Day Hikes Tips

By Mattie Knight

Hikes are one of the things in life which you have to plan well. This is the only way that you can get to your destination soon enough and keep that desire to be in a nature trip once again. So, simply follow these steps and learn that not everything needs to be rushed especially when the outcome is really special.

You need to have a plan. That would include the most common trail taken for Rocky Mountain National Park day hikes. This is not the right time for you to explore since you still need to get used to the change in altitude. In time, you can alter your route but stick with the basics until the right moment comes.

Buy a medium sized ziplock bag which can hold all of your useful maps. Folding these things to pieces will only get your lost. Also, one map is not enough when you have never been to this side of the world before. So, have more materials to prevent any accidents that you can miss because of being too confident.

You need to have the most reliable GPS device. This would be the right time for you to make technology work to your advantage. Thus, look for a watch that comes with this feature. In that way, it would not be that hard for one to know your location and there would be no delay in your schedule.

Be sure that you are going to make that ascend on a bright shiny day. Monitor the weather changes everyday until the main event. However, if there is a tropical storm coming, you better postpone everything for your own safety. Mountains can be foggy when precipitation starts to speed up.

Pick hike members who have either done this before or who are very adventurous. This trip is not for people who have a weak heart physically and figuratively. Also a kill joy would only demotivate your team from pushing forward. You really have to work on a common goal for you to achieve it.

Do not forget to let your family know about your hiking plans. Give them an estimation of your arrival time at the base once again. If you are not back after a few hours, let them call them call the base to check out on you. This is one way for you to make sure that you can be back safe and sound.

Hike with someone who have the willingness to talk with you for hours. This is not going to be memorable if you will be struggling all the time. It is best to have another person share your physical pain and the realizations that you got while you were far away from the life that you got used to.

Pack light and only bring food items that can truly nourish you. Forget about those junk foods which will only get heavier as you climb up. Also, bring lots of water which is helpful in regaining your focus even when you are hiking on a very hot day.

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