Monday, November 16, 2015

Treatments Offered By An Orthodontist Pembroke Pines

By Mattie Knight

You may well know how important it is to keep your teeth clean and healthy. A part of maintaining a healthy mouth involves making sure your teeth are in alignment. When they are crooked and misplaced, you might suffer from an overbite or have a difficult time eating. You can regain a normal bite and also feel more confident about yourself by seeking care from practitioners like an orthodontist Pembroke Pines. This type of Florida dental specialist could administer a range of treatments designed to make your teeth and smile look and feel better.

One of the most common procedures the dentist might prescribe for you involves the application of braces. Braces are made out of wires and brackets cemented to the surface of each tooth. You might have to wear the braces for several years in order to correct your dental issues.

The treatment for braces can begin, however, by having a few teeth taken out of your mouth to free up space. For example, molars are often the biggest culprits for overcrowding. When they push together your two front incisors, they cause an overbite. Having the molars surgically extracted will make more room for alignment to happen.

After you get your braces taken off, you may wear a retainer for a number of months to ensure that your mouth stays aligned. Sometimes the work can be undermined when a tooth moves forward or backward. This movement may throw off all of the work that your dentist put into repairing your mouth. The retainer makes sure all of your molars and cuspids stay in place.

You may wonder at what age should you start receiving orthodontic care. Some people begin their care as pre-teens. Their parents might want to correct the problem before the kids reach teenagehood. Many people can also tolerate the treatments better because of their young age.

Other people lack the money and the insurance coverage to start their care until they reach adulthood. The treatment can be expensive and not necessarily covered by some types of insurance. You might need to wait until you have a job that provides the benefits you need to cover the costs of your care. Some providers, however, will work out a payment agreement with patients who are uninsured. You may explore this option during your first consultation with the dentist.

After you go through this kind of treatment, you can expect your oral appearance to look better. You can smile with more confidence and also speak better. Many people report suffering from fewer oral health problems like snoring, bad breath, and other issues that are common with poor oral hygiene and appearance.

When you make an appointment with a qualified orthodontist in Pembroke Pines, Florida, you take the first step to correcting what could be an embarrassing and life-altering dental health issue. With extensive, yet practical care, you could look forward to having a mouth that looks and feels normal. You would no longer suffer from an overbite, an under bite, or other common misalignment issues found in the population today.

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