Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shiatsu Palo Alto To Manage Stress And Pain

By Marci Nielsen

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage using finger and palm pressure along the meridians of the body. The English translation is finger pressure. This type of massage originated in Japan but was adapted by the Chinese. Its popularity is on the rise everywhere. Shiatsu Palo Alto has several locations and therapists that practice this gentle form of massage.

The body has twelve meridians that are associated with specific body organs. Each of the organs is considered yin or yang. For example the lung meridian is yin and is paired with the large intestine meridian which is yang. This form of meridian healing is meant to keep the body in balance. When there is an imbalance it is believed that the body is more susceptible to illness because the immune system is weakened.

Working with the meridians is a healing therapy, and the Qi, called chi in English is the life energy of the body. When the body is in balance your chi, pronounced chee, will be positive. With this balance you will have a sense of wellness.

When a particular part of the body is aching, there is probably a blockage of life energy in that part of the body. As the therapist expertly massages the body and its meridians the flow of blood will increase. This should open the blockage and allow your life energy, your chi to flow freely and be in balance.

Shiatsu can help many aches and pains whether they are affecting a specific part of the body or they are general in nature. You may have a general sense of depression or a sharp pain in your left shoulder. Many of the common complaints, such as tennis elbow and headaches, can find some relief with this massage therapy.

The city of Palo Alto in Northern California is the economic center of silicon valley and home to many of the significant businesses in the high tech industry. The residents of Palo Alto are some of the most educated and highly paid people in the nation. This type of population tends to have a combination of increased self awareness and disposable income to seek out avenues of healing that might not be available to those with lesser incomes.

As for credentials, to practice as a licensed massage therapist, LMT, in California, practitioners must first complete the academic course work, study applied massage on the body and take business ethics courses. Upon completion of the course work, they must pass the certification exam to obtain their license. Palo Alto is a hub of LMTs and has high standards for their therapists.

Clients who book a shiatsu massage are advised to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Unlike some massage therapies, clients are clothed during the massage. If you are going to have a session, you should be open with your therapist and let him or her know where your body is not feeling well. The therapist may pay more attention to the meridians around the areas of your body that ache or are especially tense. There are plenty of shiatsu therapists to choose from in Palo Alto. It should not be difficult to find the one that works best for your needs.

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